Brace yourself Minneapolis

I am coming to town.
Whelp it's that time. Time to pack way too many things so when I pick my suitcase up from baggage claim the poor people I am with have a moment of panic that I am actually staying for months instead of days.

 I swear I'll leave on Monday
The high's in Minneapolis are projected to be in the low 60s. I am excited and confused at the same time. Our low's here in El Paso have not even reached the low 60s yet. What does that feel like? I don't remember. Are the snow boots and parka overkill....? I am so excited to maybe go a whole day without breaking into a heavy sweat. It will be so refreshing.

I feel ready to run. Excited to do one of the top 10 marathons. Excited to visit my friends. One thing I am not excited about, this:

Photo credit: Star Tribune

The protest planned for the marathon
I am a bit worried that things could turn ugly. I do not want my friends out on the course spectating if things turn violent or disruptive. I myself do not want to be on the course if this happens. I also do not think that this group has chosen a way to create a helpful discussion of the issues. Instead it seems to have created a lot of hostility. I for one feel a bit hostile at the idea that someone would try to stop me from accomplishing my goal at mile 25. Throat punch hostile in fact. Who are you to prohibit hundreds of people who have put in the time and effort, raised money for numerous charities, run in honor of loved ones and friends, to decide that your cause must take center stage at that moment instead of whatever reason or cause is being run for. While everyone has the right to be heard, runners also have the right to finish this race. The marathon is not associated with the police brutality they are trying to highlight. My hope is that this group will rethink their tactic.


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