Nobody Panic

So just realized my first fall marathon (I am signed up for three cause I am an idiot who can't stop registering for races) is only 28 days away. Solid.

Let's review.

The last long run I did which was 14 miles was July 18th. And then a week later I went through the great tendinitis scare of 2015 thinking for an entire weekend (I still feel like I should be able to sue someone for emotional distress on that one) that my tendon was torn. Only to find out that it was just a really wicked case of tendinitis. 

Took about four weeks off to recover. Went and did a relay which was totally fun but wiped me out cause I am now old and staying up for pretty much two days straight when I am usually in bed by 9 p.m. every night takes me a week to recover from. Sad.

And then last week I went to do a long run but over slept and only got 9 miles in. It is still pretty much a non-stop inferno here and if you are not out the door by 6 a.m. for a long run you are too late.

Okay so where does that leave us. Well nowhere good.

Original plan: PR at Twin Cities
New plan: Not die at Twin Cities

I have pretty much missed so much marathon training that I will attempt to get one over 15 mile run in before it is time to taper and then I will just pray to the running gods to let me live. Twin Cities has just been designated as a training run in preparation for Marine Corp Marathon. Any thoughts of PRing this fall have been put aside for the future. Not that I won't give it the good ole college try but I know my fitness and speed are not there so I really am not interested in setting myself up for failure. Or any more failure than not sufficiently training for a marathon can bring.

28 days people. 28 days.


  1. Have you considered following Galloway's run/walk marathon plan? I ran/walked Boston on minimal training,

    1. I think you are spot on and a run/walk method will most likely happen. Congrats on Boston! That is awesome and for sure on the bucket list!

  2. Would be interesting to test walk/run...


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