Why you should hit the trails

I might just be riding high from another successful excursion trail running (successful being I didn't face plant and eat dirt) but I really think that trail running is one of the best things out there lately. And while I call the trails in El Paso a bit hostile (everything is sharp and poisonous, see below this beauty that is right next to the trail just waiting for you to trip into it and be real sad)

I am thankful that I live just down the street from an awesome trail running area.

Reasons you should consider giving trail running a go:

1) Breaks up the monotony of running on the road. Road running is easier for sure but can get a bit boring after awhile. Trails feel like you are off on an adventure. My advice is take water and a snack because it really can turn into an adventure so be prepared. 

2) The scenery is always refreshing. And on a trail it is totally appropriate to stop with hands on hips and take a look around even if all you are actually doing is trying not to pass out from running up a giant hill. Other ways to recover on the sly, look around like you might be lost, if you have a trail map, pull it out for good measure. Look at your watch for a minute and then look like you are doing long and difficult math calculations in your head of distance and pace. Pretend like you almost took a tumble over rock, cactus, jackrabbit, etc and need a minute to collect yourself. If you are me the tumble may be real. Look like you are documenting the wonder of nature by taking selfies with interesting plants/ wildlife.

3) It burns more calories. Trail running is hard. You are all over the place moving over the difficult terrain and it is a bit tougher with trickier climbs and harder descents. More calories burned = more pancakes that can be consumed. It also gives all your tiny stabilizer muscles a good workout which translates into being a stronger more efficient runner.

4) There is less pressure to run fast. When I run on the road I feel like there is a minimum pace I should maintain. I always feel this pressure to perform and if my runs don't go well it can be disappointing. I have never felt this way on a trail run. There are to many things to look at and all my focus has to be on staying upright so it ends up being a nice, relaxing experience. 

5) You feel a bit like a badass. Man versus nature. Or in this case woman versus nature. Just you and nature. When you know you can run ten miles on a trail all the sudden ten road miles seem less daunting. Trails are harder but you can do it. There is just something about trails that when you are done you just feel like 'hell yes I am awesome'.

So get out there and be awesome!


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