A Pain in the Tendon

This week was supposed to be the week of running in Colorado oh and my sister is getting married. Instead I will be resting- actively resting- but not running. I did get one run in and it was great but I am thinking no more this week. A pain in my Achilles has finally forced me to be the adult in the situation and say 'self stop being dumb, if your leg hurts that is a sign something is wrong stop running on it'. Uhhhh I hate being the adult.

But since I have my final half marathon to reach my 30 before 30 goal in July and have paid a butt load and a half to run two marathons in the fall- Half Moon Bay and Chicago- no time like the present to rest due to fall excitement. Plus there is much wedding excitement going on so really I should be focusing on cake consumption!

I leave you with random vacation pictures.


  1. Every week for the past few weeks I have been telling myself I should rest a bit as training kicks up soon! But I can never get myself to do it! womp. I hope the pains go away fast!
    Did you bring the baby ducks home with you?

    1. Aren't the ducks cute- or geese, they were geese. No I left them with their geese parents. Rest is always a good thing but so hard to do when you like running so much.

  2. Love the baby geese! I used to have pet ducks. They were awesome. Hope your tendon heals and you are back to rocking your runs soon!

  3. Can you remind your husband to update his blog as promised?

  4. I hope that your achilles feels better! Enjoy the wedding! :)

  5. Stop tempting me with half moon bay!:) I took a little time off for my achilles, and it really seemed to help it. Hope yours is better soon!

  6. Cake consumption..yum!!! Rest is important. I took 2 weeks off and was shocked to come back feeling amazing.


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