Dia de los muertos

This morning I jumped out of bed, put on my racing red striped pants and hit the running path. I ran 10 miles in 1:45:54. Almost the same exact time to run 9 miles about two weeks age. Maybe that red stripe does make me faster. Whooohoooo. I can only image that soon I will be ticking of 5 minute miles and should probably plan on prepping myself to compete in the NYC marathon next year (which I totally want to run sometime before I die, just not at the front).

After some economics homework and laundry (exciting life I lead) D and I headed downtown to watch the all souls procession. But before we could stand around and watch other people walk by we had to fuel up. We went to Bison Witches and had sandwiches.

Beer and chips, this is not a face that says I want glitter shoes

D agrees
 After all our fueling up it was time to hit the street. The procession was pretty entertaining. All kinds of costumes, music, dancers and an exiting finish with the U of A marching band.

Some of the procession was kind of creepy but most of it was really cool. I had no idea it was such a large procession or that the costumes were so elaborate. I would recommend checking it out if you are in town. Pretty nice end to a fun weekend.


  1. Girly, you are getting faster and faster by the day! Great job on that run! I'm a bit envious of your weekend--my ENTIRE weekend was spent with the books :( I just have to remind myself that graduation is in May, just one thesis to go.....

    Glad you had a great weekend1


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