Month in Review: November

Miles run: 92 (goal set: 80)
Cross training: Weight lifting, Yoga, spinning & elliptical 
Half Marathons Completed: 1 in 2:20: 02
Medals obtained: 1!

Feel pretty good about November. Ran more than I thought I would and am getting faster. I still don't have those freakin Tom's glitter shoes and have stalled on the weight loss but I expected that to happen with the holidays. My response is to get better at calorie counting again and I have thrown in a walk with Max the wonder dog a few times a week to burn a few more.

I have done more cross training than usual (No more pool since it is freezing in the morning). My right foot has been sore still and am not sure why. The plan is to cut down on the running and do more cross training for a week or two until it is feeling better. I have two halves coming up this week and next (Fiesta Bowl and Tucson 1/2s). When those are done I think I will take a full week off of running and spin/yoga and walk and go from there.

Goals for December:
Weight: Maintain or lose- either way thumbs up with the lure of holiday food
Running: rest foot and gradually get back at it/ continue to build speed (probably less mileage- 50 miles?)
Cross training: Keep at it. I feel stronger overall with lifting and yoga (yes I still don't like it but this:

is like aerobic yoga and is more tolerable to me.) Plus I think the underarm chicken wings are shrinking= success!
Tuesday workout: elliptical 1 hour
Wednesday workout: spin bike 30 minutes/ Jillian's yoga house of pain: 30 min.


  1. Great job on the extra miles, and congrats on your 1/2 and the medal! Love bling!!


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