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Nine pounds away from glitter will be mine (whaaahaaaa evil laughter).

In other news Just a Colorado Gal is having her first giveaway so check it out! I know I like free stuff and giveaways so betting everyone else does too.

This morning I ran 8 miles. I decided to try out my new running shorts because I am slow and thought wearing shorts when it is 35 degrees out would be fine. On the plus side I did look fairly decent and less homeless for once. I work a long sleeve pink tech shirt that matched my new running shoes and black shorts. Pretty coordinated for me.

But my legs were numb for the first four miles. This did result in the first mile being under 10 minutes. I had to recover from a mini-heart attack after about a mile at a stop light. That is when I realized things were getting out of hand. Unfortunately when I started to feel my legs they said NO. The first four numb miles were fine and the last four miles were slow torture.
It wasn't pretty at the end

I ran 8 miles in 1:28. Not the best of runs but still fairly quick for a plod. Did kind of freak me out for the half on Saturday. No numb leg sprints at the beginning and all should be fine.


  1. That's borderline temps for me. I'm more likely to toss on running tights under a skirt than to put on long sleeves. My upper half gets way too hot, but I know what you mean about numb legs. At least you got it done, nice job!!


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