The Back before the Crack

...of dawn is when I got up this morning to go running. 4:45 a.m. Since it is so dark out now I have to drive over to the lighted park so I don't fall into a hole and kill myself (actually lighting doesn't prevent this only makes it slightly less likely. I broke my foot stepping off a stair wrong in high school. I am not the most graceful or coordinated swan). The park is nice- three mile loop, next to a police station with other runners and walkers as crazy as I am so I feel pretty safe plodding along when it is pitch black out and normal people are still curled up in their cozy beds.

I wore my new shoes
always takes awhile to get comfortable. But since my knees were a little achy after my Wednesday run of awesome I thought it might be time to start rotating the new ones in and using the old for short distances. My run was kind of blah. I just felt off the whole time. It is funny how some days are awesome and some not so much. Not sleeping well last night might have something to do with it plus the early hour. But I did it so I win.
I am hoping my longer run goes better tomorrow. 

In other news I have kind of stalled in the weight loss process. This could be a combo of holidays centered around candy, family visiting, the pool being so cold it gives me a heart attack leading to no swimming, and growing lazy about calories counting. So to try to motivate myself I have a reward in mind. I would like to lose another 13lbs (results in a nice round number at the end which I am not ready to discuss out loud because then it is real and I am a girl and feel that money and weight are never politely discussed in public. Well I will talk about money- weight still off limits). I also have this ridiculous need to obtain these shoes:
Overpriced canvas shoes with glitter: a must have
I am not sure why I am obsessed with getting them but if obtaining them gets me back on track losing weight so be it. So SELF: drop the 13lbs (extra bonus challenge due to upcoming holidays centered around stuffing my face) and get awesome glitter shoes.



  1. I think it is a great idea to get yourself a little gift if it adds a little motivation to your plan. I'm not a huge fan of "diets" but when I chunked up a bit when my grandma died over the summer I made a point to drink MORE water (which I'm terrible about), and cutting out bread/dairy in favor of salads. I dropped quite a bit, in addition to the 10ish pounds I had gained over the summer. You can do it!!


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