Six mile run this morning. Threw back some coffee (oh coffee how I love you) and some cliff bar chewy things (official name there) and headed out. And then I ran. Surprisingly fast.

Mile 1 9:58.0
Mile 2 9:45.1
Mile 3 10:01.7
Mile 4 9:47.0
Mile 5 9:57.1
Mile 6 9:42.6
6 miles in 59:15 woot

For someone who is used to seeing mile times starting with 10:XX, 11:XX and 12:XX to see a nine repeatedly is just weird. In a good way.
Happy Dance
Now I must confess. I ran three miles. Took a quick walk/ water break and then ran the last three miles (truth comes out). But considering the last two miles were uphill some of the way that is still pretty good.
Since running fairly well at the last half my new goal is to step up my game. It is a three part plan

  •  run faster more consistently
  • Try to keep my form and pace when I get tired 
  •  Run my long runs with the second half faster than the first since I tend to die around mile 8 
And hopefully pushing myself to run faster will help kick start some more weight loss. I am sure soon I will look like this

Which one: oh pick one
or at the very least finally have these


  1. Congrats on your 9's!!! That's excellent progress! Woot!!


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