Monday Musings

I took a break this weekend from my usual long run after my shins started to ache. I realized I am really scared of hurting myself again. I get kind of anal about getting my weekly runs in...must follow schedule. But I think I need to relax. Better to skip a few and be able to run, than broken, in a cast, hanging with my friends Ben & Jerry. Plus I shelled out some mighty fine cash for the 1/2's I registered for so I would like to run them. Because running is fun.....OKAY I like medals (exactly how much I like them see below). So missing a run is okay. Rest is good (repeat mantra). The good thing that came out of resting was that I ran a good pace on my three mile run this morning. Whooohooo. And I wore my running skirt, which now fits (actually a little saggy in the beginning until I started to sweat, what too much detail?), and looks pretty cute. And....................there was minimal chaffing. (Sooo much detail).

This weekend I also got around to hanging my awesome medal hanger I got for my birthday. Mmmm medals.
I also made a delicious salad for dinner to counteract the veggie burrito I ate for lunch and thought it was pretty.
Somehow the food pictures look better in the magazines. Oh well it was delicious.
And for my final ridiculous musing I am excited because I have been applying for jobs in Colorado, closer to the family and keep having visions of myself as this ultimate distance trail runner running competing in the Transrockies run or hoofing it up Pikes Peak (um news flash I don't even like hills and yet my first 1/2 this year is all uphill. I think I fell and hit my head). So fingers crossed I acquire an awesome job in Colorado!


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