Brazil, Brazil, Brazil

The time has just about come....for me to pack my bags, take four plane rides, and I will arrive here:
Porto de Galinhas, Brazil baby....oh yeah.
I am going for a conference....but I am not totally sold on learning while I am in paradise. When I am not presenting my work, which will take about 30 minutes. I fully intend to be drinking one of these (well maybe not the green one)
while looking at this
Can not wait!!! Now if only the professors would stop trying to punish me for leaving town by piling on the work.
Luckily the resort has a running track and a lap pool and a gym, so no excuses for not getting in my runs/ workouts. Unfortunately the resort is all inclusive so I see a lot of eating and drinking in my future (gotta get your money's worth).  Soooo....we will see how that battle turns out.

Ran my three miles this morning at a fairly quick clip (even though I have a head cold...somebody should give me a cookie)- finally cooler in the desert in the morning. About time. 8 mile long run tomorrow.....farthest I have gone in a long time!


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