So Clydesdale huh...

So while I was doing my normal perusing of the internet instead of reading the 800 million pages of political science journal article dribble that I need to be reading if I am ever going to pass my comprehensive exams I decided to register for the Tucson Half Marathon. On the form (which I did old school mail in style to save a few bucks from, suck on it and no I don't want a three month trial of every fitness magazine known to man) it asks if you are a Clydesdale which had males above 190lbs and females above 160lbs. So I guess I am this
Which okay whatever. I should be around 160lbs to be at a healthy weight- it is a goal of mine so not feeling too bad. And Clydesdale horses are pretty and they get to be in beer commercials about football and they used to pull fire trucks so they got to hang with dalmatians and hot firemen
(yes you're welcome)
but then I pulled up the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon and females over 140lbs are listed as a Clydesdale, well they listed females as Athena instead of Clydesdale. Ummmm so yeah 140lbs is not going to happen (baring any life threatening illness or falling off of limb) and anyone of 5'6'' probably is going to weigh over 140lbs. Then it got me thinking why is this even an issue? 
You know who this is... Athena and she is pissed cause you just called her fat

I have seen some pretty hefty runners kick some serious a** out there. And who picks the weights that classify people as being hefty? Obviously not standardized. In Tucson half you are skinny but in Scottsdale Fiesta half you are Athena aka got some junk in the trunk? Doesn't make any sense. (Unless I get a extra medal for carrying my bootyliciousness to the finish line and then I am totally fine with this whole thing). Overall realizing I am a "Clydesdale" made me feel kind of like this....
but that is just silly because Jabba can't run (he can however keep scantily clad women hanging around on chains, to each their own) and I ran 4 miles at a 10:30 pace this morning. Whooohoo and considering Athena is the goddess of warfare and strength and had the entire city of Athens built for her I won't consider it an insult to be in that category.


  1. Just found your blog via CatasTrophy Wife! I laughed when I read this cause I did a tri last year where the Athena category was 140 lbs and I was so shocked!


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