I'm a genius!

After waking up this morning it totally felt like it would take this kind of scenario to get me running
But once I got going I totally killed it

1 10:54.8 1.00 10:54.2
2 11:12.4 1.00 11:12.5
3 11:05.7 1.00 11:05.8
4 10:59.3 1.00 10:59.5
5 10:43.4 1.00 10:43.4
6 11:16.6 1.00 11:16.1
7 10:56.5 1.00 10:56.6
8 10:54.3 1.00 10:54.4
9 :3.2 0.00 11:46.1
or at least went faster on this 8 mile run than the last one. Whoohooo and it only took two Swedish fish (which I cannot chew while trying to run and breath at the same time, serious threat of choking so best excuse for a walk break yet).

I came to the realization today as I watched other runners blow past my on the running path that I am the only runner around who wears old race shirts to run in. I actually only own three non-race tech shirts. This may mean I am not the cool kid on the block. But what else am I supposed to do with them. And who is going to pay the non-race shirts for me to wear (not me, I am too broke after signing up for races....where I get the "free" race shirt).
I mean look at these bad boys...how could you not want to flaunt that rooster shirt.

One a side note: I am a genius (please see example of said genius below)
This is the article I am supposed to read...and understand for my methods class.
Why are there so many letters mixed in with the numbers....stay with your own kind

This genius statement is what ended up in my notes

Yep....pure genius


  1. I used to work out in regular cotton tops. Like shirts from Old Navy. I don't wear old race shirts to run in because I get ridiculously hot.


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