Good Girl Gone Trail: Ashley

On to the next awesome team member. May I introduce you to Smoky Mountain Relay Team Good Girls Gone Trail member Ashley!

My shorty short shorts I wore the day before every race
 (the team is hoping these make an appearance at the relay)

For the love of running.
And by love I mean choosing to stick with something because you are committed.
I didn't start running because I wanted to. A deal was made, I ended up enjoying it, and here I am 9 years later, still running. 
Running a race with my dad Reggie
I run for many reasons, just like most people who run, but my favorite reason is for the love of running (and if someone is chasing me and the happy endorphins). Anyways, to just go run. No plan, no course, no watch, no agenda, just go run.
Being chased by Roxie

On the flip-side, I am super competitive. If you and I are running towards a finish line 50 yards away you have a very slim chance of beating me. Oh, and watch out for my elbows. Just ask my college coach, he'll tell you many stories about how well I used those in races.
Last workout with my college team- Cross Country Valdosta State University

I competitively ran 5Ks and 6Ks in high school and cross country, but now I am trying out longer distances to see if I like it. On the calendar of what's next, I am racing a half-marathon come March and then the Smoky Mountain Relay in April. Two new challenges for me that I'm quite excited about as my next running adventures.
Running Partner of 2013, Hayden
As for my running philosophy that I will always live by, it comes from my college coach and can really be applied to more than just running- "Look up and take another". Whether it be a competitor, a hill, a repeat, a minute, another day, another challenge or adventure I will- look up and take another.

Ashley is the 'baby' of our team at 22 but after reading her running philosophy she just may be the wisest. Also have sneaking suspicion she may be blistering fast. Excited to hit the roads, trails and 30+ hour van ride of awesomeness with this great runner! Follow Ashley as she preps for the SMR on Instagram and Twitter at  @alpalsmiles


  1. This was fun to read! I agree ... I think she may be super fast. I love her favorite reason for running: the love of running. I think that's how it should be.


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