Mercedes & SMR & other excitement!

First things first- thank you for all the wonderful feedback about the Kena interview! I had a feeling you all would be inspired by her as much as I am. I am hoping to ask, bribe, beg other amazing runners I know to be profiled on the blog and want to make this a fairly frequent feature. There are so many of you out there doing amazing feats and I am just so nosy I want to hear about them all. If you are or know someone that would like to be profiled on here please contact me. And due to a nice email from a reader as a result of this profile two things happened, one I became aware of another awesome blog (If you are interested in reading about ultras or awesomeness check it out) and two, I am already thinking of doing another 24 hour race in July called Merrill's Miles because I have apparently gone insane. But one race at a time and next up is....

I haven't raced a half in awhile. I paced one the beginning of this month but I am excited to get out there and be a participant and run hard and get a medal and see Yo Momma crush the marathon (secret, she is another of my run crushes and super amazing at all things running- hello trail running savant teach me your ways!) and nerd out with other excited runners.

Remember that one time we met in Chicago and I was like yay we are best friends for life, lets do it again in Birmingham! 
Plus I am going to try to rope the husband into this being adventure time and check out the city of Birmingham while we are know beyond the race course.

Speaking of race courses...the other super exciting race news is the team that is doing the Smoky Mountain Trail Relay is amazing. I am super excited and honored to be racing with such a great group of totally kick-ass ladies! Starting next week I am going to be profiling these amazing ladies on the blog and can't wait for you to meet them. Until then check out our amazing name
Design by Nicole- one of my awesome teammates!

Do you not just love it!
Obviously I have a lot of excitement going on and should probably go lay down before I give myself a heart attack. But before I do that, one last thing- if you get a moment could you vote for me as an inspirational blogger if you are so inclined at here. I love running. I love wine. It is like Zooma custom built this experience for me;). 

Happy Friday everyone and good luck to those racing!


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