Jesus, Airplanes & Shopping Malls

This weekend my Mom & Step dad came to town to visit so D and I got to be tourists and it was super fun. Friday morning I did a three mile run with 10:30 miles. Almost ready for the Olympics. After suffering through three hours of statistics class on hierarchical linear modeling (gross) I scooped up the parental units from their campus touring and we went to the San Xavier Mission south of Tucson.
San Xavier Mission
 Besides the usual kind of creepy factor that comes from the dark and Gothic nature of Catholic religious art it was really beautiful.

Snake door handle to get into the mission

Inside the Mission

This appeared to be a tomb and was filled with status of Jesus. And their eyes followed you. I didn't stick around.

San Xavier Mission
 I didn't let D go, instead I made him stay at work. One of us has to be a functioning member of society. So while he brought home the bacon I spent some of it shopping at the gift shop. Scored some sweet Christmas presents.

On Saturday I did a 12 mile run in the morning and almost died. It was all pretty good until mile 9 and then I began to get really whinny. Since no one was around to hear it I just shuffled my way back to the car with a look of defeat on my face. For some reason I thought since Mt Lemmon wasn't that bad that 12 miles would be fine. But I didn't run continuously on Mt Lemmon and that is what I was trying to do on the long run. After I felt like a loser for awhile since 12 miles seemed so freakin hard I realized that is the farthest I have tried to run. 10 miles was my longest run for the 1/2. So go me I guess. Hopefully eventually the longer distances will start to get easier. 

After laying on the floor for awhile to recover it was time to head to the Air & Space Museum. Lot of fun looking at all the planes. I think walking around also helped my legs not be as sore. We saw WWII planes, private planes, presidential planes, and the bumblebee.

Fun plane art

I want one

Old Air Force One
Sunday we went to the mall. D & I both scored some Christmas presents. Now we just have to wait until Christmas to wear/ use them. Tooooooo looonnnngggg.


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