The Big Reveal

So what the heck has me training like I have never trained before?
What has pulled me out of blog retirement?
And just how crazy is the idea?

I would say medium high to extremely high on the crazy scale.
The factor for this statement, "this seemed like a good idea back in....." to be repeated numerous times is very high. 

Okay. Okay. Jeeez

Next summer I want to run The Colorado Trail.
Not for a record. 
Not for a medal and a 'free' t-shirt.
For no other reason than to just see if I can.
Maybe I will custom print a t-shirt and/or a medal......
And the best part is I have all fingers and toes crossed that my friend who is just as crazy (in the best way possible) will do it with me. 
That is the best part- when your crazy finds a similar crazy and you can be crazy together!

Oh the planning! The logistics! The size this spreadsheet is gonna be when I am done!! Nerd alert.

Now for those of you not familiar and thinking who cares, some important deets.
The Colorado Trial is divided into 28 segments and is 484.6 miles long.
Elevation ranges from 5500 to 12000 feet as you run single track through the Rockies (and by run I mean most likely a slow paced jog with much power hiking thrown in). 
My hope is to complete it in 20 to 24 days (using every last ounce of vacation time I have saved up by next summer). 

Now I know this is big talk coming from someone who has spent the last year not really running. But for the last seven weeks I have basically been working out three times a day.
Strength training.
Boot camp.
Repeat & Repeat & Repeat
And am slowly but surely getting stronger and fitter.

This is an idea I have had for over a year now so why not give it a go. I realize that there are records around this trail, people running it in 5 days or something amazing and crazy like that. But for me I want it to be an extended adventure in the mountains. Thankfully crewed by my husband so I don't have to carry anything but a map, water and snacks. Many snacks. #carblife

Over the past year I have been injured, gained weight and gotten out of shape. Nothing like the fear of running almost 500 miles over three weeks to motivate you.

It is a bit scary putting a big goal like this out there but once you say it out loud, it is real and happening. So here it is!

Colorado Trail Summer 2018!


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