Every Road Trip Needs a Theme

This is Kringle

Yes I am the cutest version of santa you have ever seen

I bought him at Walgreens today with the kettle corn and sunflower seeds needed for holiday travels. Why? Because I am an adult and if I think the car needs a beenie baby Santa that is round and adorable to fill it with holiday cheer, then it must be so (and I apparently have no impulse control). Plus what else am I supposed to stare at as we drive through New Mexico. Seriously there is nothing in that state.

Max & Nellie are also excited for the road trip can't you tell?

They could at least pitch in and pack their dog bowls or something. Jeez

Oh and I am over cross training. Can't wait for my run on Friday. 

Saturday:  biked 1 hour
Sunday:  laid around and ate my weight in poppy-seed bread
Monday: biked 1 hour/ lifted weights- arms and legs
Tuesday: biked 10 mins and wanted to die so switched to plyometrics dvd from p90x (bad idea can no longer move)


  1. I love the Santa puff! I have one like a Bee in my car :D


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