Friday Ramblings

1. I booked a hotel for Sedona. It is a 20 minute drive away from the start which will be super fun in the early a.m. and looks older but has good review and for $55 you can't go wrong. D agreed to go along but I have to treat him to a nice dinner. Gah this man is so needy.

Days Inn Kokopelli

2. I have decided to take a week off to rest my foot so it will hopefully get over itself and heal all the way. So hello cross training schedule. Not the most creative but hopefully it will keep my cardio up and my foot relaxed. I may throw in some strolls with the dogs but I am lazy so I promise nothing.

Fri 12/16/2011 XT: bike XT

Sat 12/17/2011 XT: bike/ yoga XT

Sun 12/18/2011 OFF Off

Mon 12/19/2011 XT: bike/yoga XT

Tue 12/20/2011 XT: bike XT

Wed 12/21/2011 XT: bike/yoga XT

Thu 12/22/2011 XT: Off travel to CO XT

3. This is what I bike on and man that bike seat is torturing my butt. It is getting better over time but I don't know how real cyclists do it. If I had to do more than pedal, such as pay attention to traffic and what is in the road, etc. I would end up in a ditch. Therefore I must pedal while standing still. It is safer for everyone this way.

4.My bike set up is perfect because I can watch the Today show while riding. I have recently decided that I should be a third co-host with Kathie Lee and Hoda. They talk about nothing and drink wine. Two of my specialties.
I was born to co-host with these two
The only problem with biking and TV is I have to pay attention to what I am doing otherwise I stop pedaling and just sit on the bike and watch tv. If I am going to do that I might as well take it to the couch where my butt can thank me.

5. I only need to add three more halves to the schedule before the end of July to hit 15 to be half way to running 30 by 30 goal. That would give me a fighting chance of fitting in 15 more after I turn 29 and before I turn 30 (I have pretty magical math skills). Hmmm the search is on. 


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