Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

2011: Year in Review
  • Began running consistently in July (it was a warm beginning)
  • Miles run since July: 327 miles
  • Half Marathons completed: 4 (Mt Lemmon, Shun the Sun, Fiesta Bowl, Tucson)
  • Medals obtained: 4
  • PR'd at the Tucson Half Marathon with a 2:07:50

  • Placed in the filly category at the Tucson half with a third place finish

  • Favorite half marathon this year: Mount Lemmon Half- most scenic so far

  • Favorite medal: Fiesta bowl half medal (I guess I have a thing for cactus or something)

  • Ran a sub 9 minute mile in a race
Goals for 2012
  • Run between 80 and 100 miles a month
  • Run between 15 and 18 half marathons
Sweet running log Christmas gift to record all my plodding in

  • Get a sub 2 hour half finish time
  • More weight lifting and stretching- DO IT
  • Speedwork- learn to love it
Overall this year has been pretty fantastic. I am happy to have found blogging as a way to entertain myself, stay motivated and hopefully inspire someone else. I know the blogs I follow keep me going when I would prefer to spend my mornings eating chocolate chip pancakes but instead find myself plodding through an eight mile run. I am excited to see what this year brings (hopefully lots of medals and good fun)!

Happy New Year everyone!


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