Carb Loading in Style

Okay so it is probably a bit on the early side to be claiming that all I have ingested in the past two days is in the name of carb loading and marathon success. But really isn't that one of the perks of running marathons- using it as an excuse for just about everything?

  • I have to go to bed early I am in marathon training.
  • I need a nap- marathon training
  • I need to eat more carbs- marathon training
  • I need to get a massage- marathon training
  • I need to eat this wrap with sweet potato fries- marathon training
  • I need to eat more delicious frozen desserts- marathon training
  • I need a new running skirt- for my marathons
See! Just about anything works! Running marathons is fantastic!

Last night I did a lot of marathon prep.

 Dinner at The Loft- in the name of marathon training. Have to stay fueled.

 Curb side sitting at an outdoor concert drinking cider for the carbs of course

 Frozen yogurt- need that extra calcium for all that marathon training.

This morning D and I went to the Saturday market and a big flea market in Lee County Alabama. It was raining so it was not as amazing as it could of been so we will have to go back.
 We did see chickens, puppies, and parakeets for sale along with all kinds of other stuff. After all that wandering we headed to Cheddar's for lunch where I had a dessert the size of a spoon- for the carb benefit of course.

Saturday market/ flea market haul: sweet potatoes, peaches, to-maters, hot peppers and jam.

Workouts for this week: Ummmmm none running since the 22 miler where I hurt my back. But the back feels better so I may give running a go tomorrow. I have walked every day this week for an estimated total 15 miles over six days. So at least there is that.

What do you like to use marathon training or running in general as an excuse for?

Um obviously for me that is to eat all the things!


  1. Well, haven't run a marathon and I don't start training for one until next weekend (eek!!!) but I like to say, "I can have this beer - half marathon training!" :-) Loved all your excuses. You're adorable!

  2. The day before every race is Bagel Day. It's the icing on the running cake! And it's only a few days away.


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