The Vortex

Today I woke up a bit sore and creaky from Saturday's 16 mile jaunt so I declared it a rest day. Tomorrow I am going to run between five and ten, whatever I feel like. I did manage to do yoga and abs so winning there.

Fun fact I have been to Ikea in four states... No make that three. I only proclaimed my undying love to the one in Illinois as we drove by. Actually demonstrated the love in AZ, MN and now GA.
Most successful trip to date. Went in for a nightstand and dresser and only came out with a nightstand and dresser and in about an hour. That might be a world record. We were motivated by food though.

I found a restaurant called The Vortex in downtown Atlanta that looked like a lot of fun and delicious.

It is a bar and grill with a sense of humor and a huge beer and whiskey list. 
D got something covered in bacon and gravy called The Hangover Helper. I got a veggie burger- homemade and probably the best I have ever had. Had to get tots too. (Shout out to tater tot Tuesday).

Overall our jaunt to Atlanta turned out to be pretty successful and delicious. 


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