Vacation Frustration & Transition

Fun fact- when I blog on my phone while watching episodes of Say Yes to the Dress my grammar/ spelling/ everything is ten times worse that usual. So.... sorry about that last post.

D is on 10 days of TDY. It is leave you get to move or settle into your new place. Since D is the luckiest man alive and married to me everything was all moved and set up before he ever went on leave so we have just been able to hang out. Well I still have to work. I was lucky enough to get to stay on part-time for awhile at my old job and work long distance. But man when one person is off and able to do whatever they want all day it just seems unreasonable to ask me to work four hours a day. It is just too much.

Could you imagine if I actually had to put on work clothes to work instead of sitting in my kitchen wearing shorts and a t-shirt
I would never make it.

While I was sad to leave my job because the people I worked with were awesome it is exciting to figure out what I am going to do next. I have no idea. Which freaks me out a bit....just a bit.

But everybody just stay calm! CALM! This is probably the most.....interesting part of being a military spouse- what to do with your time. It can be extremely difficult to build a career because you move every few years or like in our case we will probably be here 8 to 12 months. That can be a bit tricky. Plus you want to be able to be off when your spouse is off. When they are deployed or in even just in the field or at training for weeks at a time you want to be home when they are home (see above dramatics about working 4 hours, 4 HOURS PEOPLE, a day). So what to do, what to do. One thought I had is getting my personal training certification. I can take that anywhere and hours would be flexible. Plus I like working out....some days. Okay most days if it is running and the weather is perfect and I am perfectly hydrated and the stars are aligned just right.Okay so I might have to expand my horizons in the exercise world if I am going to pursue that.

If you could be anything you wanted when you grew up what would you be?
aka give me some ideas on what to do next ;)


  1. I was just talking to the gym about starting personal training! You should do it! I have group exercise certification, and my gym said I could start with that and would have 6 months to complete an additional certification.

    OK, so I have some other ideas for what you could do. Train for Savannah and come run that. OK, I really only had one idea. That is my only Georgia race this year, and it seems wrong (at least to me!) for you to live there and not be running it.

    1. That is so exciting! You will be a great personal trainer. Savannah huh....I will look into it....the lure of the fun is just too much.

  2. i grew up in military family and once we moved to states mom just did substitute teaching. If you are an actual teacher with your own classroom then you have to get re-licensed in each state, but not he case when substituting. (that is if you like to mold young minds of course)

    1. That is a great idea! I will have to look into that.

  3. I'm in a slightly similar position bearing in mind we might move relatively soon and if I train in the US but move back to the UK, my qualifications might not be valid. So I'm looking at options. My current favourite are: massage therapist (proper sports one, not a spa stroker) and TEFL teacher. Either of those are easily portable across cities/countries etc.


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