Tuesday Happiness

No running today. But the back is feeling much better today. But I still couldn't go run with my run group so I had to do some other fun things today so I headed straight for

but couldn't find anything exciting to spend my gift card on so I had to drown my sorrows with

the S'more variety.

I have wanted a milkshake from Steak and Shake for like a year. Today - mission accomplished. I also came across this little beauty while out and about. Blueberry wine - yes please. 

And then I came home to this little baby in the mail. Sweet. I think I am going to save it for my plane ride to Cali. 

12 days until marathon time!


  1. I'm quite tempted by those Steak 'n' Shake fall shakes. I can't decide which one I'd get, though.

    The Tampa Bay area has a blueberry winery, and they make some pretty tasty wine. Although I'm not terribly picky when it comes to wine ... I like it all.

  2. For a second I was all proud of Runner's World for putting a black girl on the cover, and then I realized that it's Running Times. Wah, wah.

    And if you can go in Target and not find anything to buy, I believe that you can do anything. A marathon will be easy compared to that!:)


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