Borrowing Hungry Runner Girl's New Mantra

This morning I was motivated to go for broke and go for sixteen instead of ten miles.
Not gonna lie. These were tough, hot and sweaty miles. But ever since I read Hungry Runner Girl's post We can do hard things I have done a lot of thinking about my upcoming marathons and have decided to adopt her mantra as my own. I CAN DO HARD THINGS. Ever since getting injured and not being able to run for an extended period of time I have had a lot of self doubt about my ability to complete my upcoming marathons. After mile 12 the run got tough, it was hot, humid, I ran out of water, my shorts were so sweat soaked they were trying to come off, a gnat flew in my eye- oh the drama- but I stayed strong and finished. Self doubt is gone- today's run proved to myself that I am tough and I can do hard things and I will be able to run these marathons. Thanks Hungry Runner Girl for motivating me!

Since we are telling the truth I must confess that  I got home made these and ate half the pan (the non- bacon side).
Egg cups with onion, cheese, jalapeno and bacon for the meat eater of the house
What is your running mantra?


  1. I really like 'I can do hard things' from this week, it's a great reminder. But my running mantra is 'Baby or Warrior?'...I just love it. I also love 'Battle Mode'. Clearly this peace loving girl is warlike on the inside.

  2. Nice job getting the run done! Mine would be "Pain is temporary. Quitting is forever." I saw it on a sign while running the Chicago Marathon and it really spoke to me. I wasn't feeling too good and kinda wanted to quit. That sign spoke to me so I keep on going and eventually finished.

  3. Wow, 16 miles. You're a rock star. Good for you!!! Next time maybe you should carry some money on you so you can buy water when/if you run out! :-)


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