October in Review

Miles Run: 110.6
Half Marathons: 4

Medals obtained: 4

Half marathons under two hours: 1 

Number of pumpkin flavored items ingested: too many to count

Blogger meet-ups/ new running BFF obtained: 1
Me and Yo Momma
Treadmills obtained: 1
Whiny, cold early morning runs avoided due to new treadmill: many with many to come

Coming up in November:
Tyranena Beer Run 1/2- Done, review to come
Schaumburg 1/2 - Turkey Trot Half Nov. 24th

Except for the half around Thanksgiving my plan is to keep it easy. I am tired after all those half marathons and want to take a step back before marathon training commences in January. My goal is to focus on more strength training. My back and core have been sore and I think it is in part due to sitting in an office chair a majority of every day but also they are just weak. Oh and my arms are useless. For example went bowling the other night and had to use the 8 lb ball when everyone else was slinging around at least 13 lbs. Just sad.  I also want to do some shorter/ faster runs during the week. Intervals on the treadmill or 800s or something. I also want to hit the trails around here a few more times before winter descends upon us and there is snow. 

Tentative November plan:
  • Strength train 2X week
  • Yoga 2X week
  • Interval training 1X week
  • easy runs 3-4X week
  • cross train 1X week
Goal: maintain fitness and gain strength.

How do you stay motivated during winter months?


  1. You're doing great, Bean!!! So proud of you!! Motivation, for me, gears up in the winter. I think we're on opposite ends of the spectrum now! :-)

    1. Thank you! Winter used to be the best time to run in AZ. Les optimal in IL:)

  2. Impressive October! Speed work rocks! Intervals are really fun ... really.

    I'm working on strength training, too. I'm severely lacking in that area.

    Winter is the only time I'm motivated. Finally, it doesn't feel like the surface of the sun in Florida!

    1. I was totally inspired by all the speed work you have been doing! Plus you keep saying you like it so.....we shall see:)

  3. This just reminded me AGAIN that we are twins. Seriously, if I cut my hair, twins. And I'm still so excited that you hit sub-2!!

  4. Thanks for the tips. It's perfect sets for me. It's so easy to understand. Nicely done.

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