February: Month in Review

February was kind of a bust mileage wise. Only ran 57.3 miles in February. Of course even with leap day this is a shorter month, yes...yes that is the reason.

Have run 138.1 miles this year. That is pretty good. Kind of want to see if I can pick it up and hit 1000 miles this year. A goal to consider.

Pounds lost in Feb.  = 4 = solid effort (I don't even want the glitter shoes anymore, but still think I deserve a prize if I ever actually hit my goal weight).

Half marathons run in Feb.= 3

Sedona 1/2
Lost Dutchman 1/2
Arizona 1/2
Medals obtained in February = 3

Half marathons where I acted like a punk butt: 1

Goals for March:
Figure out what the pain in my calf is about and fix it.
Work on stretching and balancing my hips. I need to get better about stretching. If I don't bad things happen.
Take another week off of running and spend it swimming and pool running to let my calf/hip feel better
Continue working on gaining strength.
Once I start running again I want to work on slowly building up my weekly mileage. I also want to incorporate some tempo/speed workouts.

Half coming up: Arizona Distance Classic 3/25


  1. First off congrats on the 4lbs lost- thats a healthy 1lb a week! I'm sure you've thought of this, but have you tried foam roller or using the stick on your calf???
    Last year when I would run 3-4 1/2s a month I just got in the habit of bringing my stick with me and after the race working on my calves so they wouldn't act up on me, does wonders!

  2. Nice job on all the half marathons! And, awesome job on the 4-pound loss! I need to restart on my weight-loss efforts ... it is never-ending, unfortunately.


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