Month in Review: November

Miles Run: 94.6 miles
Not my highest but not my lowest.

Half marathons completed: 2
Tyranena Beer Run
Schaumburg Half

Cross training: Well most of that was done in the past week during my break from running any sort of distance. But overall have gotten better about stretching and doing some strength training.

Other highlights:

  • Started #rwrunstreak- going strong at a mile a day
  • Thanksgiving happened = ate all of the things and it was awesome
  • Realized only have 12 miles to run after this week to reach my goal of running a 1000 miles this year! Super excited about that!
The not awesome:
  • Hurt myself a bit at my last half- learned need to get better at doing my hip strengthening exercise to avoid this pattern of hurt hip, rehab hip, stop doing exercises, hurt hip.
  • Realized cold weather running is not fun and keeping in shape over the winter will be harder than I expected.
  • Am experiencing irrational fears about registering for the Illinois marathon
    • 'I will break every bone in my body'
    • 'I will spend $ to register and do all this training and end up injured and unable to do it'
    • 'I will hate marathons'
I realize all of the above, okay except the break every bone in my body, could happen but I just need to have a little faith in myself and my ability and get out of the comfort zone. 

What is happening in December:
  • Nada- no races
  • Maintain fitness
  • Keep working on strength and flexibility- six pack or nothing- just kidding, I like cake.
  • Enjoy running shorter distances and doing what I want before marathon training kicks off in January
How did your month go?
What races are you gearing up for in the Spring?
Any marathon training advice to share with the group?


  1. 'I like cake' - best line ever.

    Have a little faith - I know you can run a marathon if you want to xxx

  2. I can relate to signing up for races and fearing an injury. I can also relate to your fear of signing up for a full mary! It's funny how seasons are so opposite from AZ compared to other areas. For example, now's the time we can really get fit but in the summer, that's when we struggle to maintain!

  3. I'm excited for your month 'off'. I think you will welcome it after such a busy year of running. Enjoy it!!!

    I'm thinking the Oakland Half Marathon at the end of March. It's popular with local runners and apparently it's well organized! And I'm in the UK in January probably and fancy running something with one of my friends there!!! And I have my first trail race in December. Likely to be my second trail run :)


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