January In Review

Miles Run: 86.7
 (I believe this is also the number of celebrity gossip magazines read and glasses of wine drank but I don't have a sweet log book to keep track of those things).

Half Marathon's Run: 2 Temecula Half & Team Gab Virtual Race

Medals Obtained: 1

Cross training done: lots of lunges, squats, sit-ups, push-ups and biking

Horrific YOGA injuries obtained: 1

Pounds lost: like .025
So I just like can't understand why I am not skinnier.....oh hand me that candy

Pairs of awesome glitter shoes obtained: 0

Pair of awesome Aspaeris shorts obtained: 1

Mornings Nellie woke me up at 5a.m. because she wanted to be fed breakfast NOW: 31
ummm.....so feed me already


  1. Running + wine + celebrity magazines = awesome

    I love that medal!

    I also love candy!

    And, I love the picture of your dog! I too have a dog that likes to eat. But, she doesn't wake me up at insane hours of the morning ... yet.

  2. But those sad puppy dog eyes!!


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