The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland

(We are back in Colorado  after cutting our trip short and some exciting stuff is going on with that but I am so behind on blogging about our travels that we are just gonna pretend that we are still adventuring. The good news is I can use a computer now, though that is no guarantee the quality will be any better.....)

After we dropped our cute little nugget of a lost dog off with his peeps we hit up Portland for some fun. We headed straight for a farmers market. There is a farmers market in Portland everyday you just gotta find it. It would be so hard not to spend all your money at them if you lived there. Everything looks amazing and delicious. 

We wandered around tasting samples and handing our money over for cherries and grabbed some pizza from a food truck for lunch. We headed over to our airbnb accommodations when we were done. We had never used airbnb before and the idea of renting a room in someone's house seemed odd to me but it was actually super awesome. We stayed with a nice woman named Jenn in her cute Victorian house situated between two street filled with shops and restaurants. She gave us some recommendations of things to do and places to eat. After showering our camping dust off we hit the town wandering around stopping for food and drinks and hitting up Powell's Books. Walking through the super cute neighborhoods was fun. 

Oh hey pig.....

I had the best ice cream of my life (I have eaten a lot of ice cream so I feel comfortable with this declaration) at Salt & Straw, fresh cheese and strawberries. Highly recommend going there if you are in Portland. 

The next morning I got up for a run around the area. It was tough since I haven't been running very regularly. The scenery made it better. Lots of interesting things to see, very green and cool out.

After I got back we showered again (oh sweet, sweet running water) and packed up and were on our way to adventures in Olympic National Park in Washington, after a quick stop at Voodoo doughnuts of course!

We both really loved Portland and if we ever come into a lot of money would love to live there. Of course if we did I would have to learn some self control when it comes to doughnut eating and book buying. 


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