Free time

So not running for a month has probably been a good thing for me. Even though I am not a huge fan of this forced hiatus.

One thing I noticed is I don't have any more aches or pains especially in the Achilles tendon area which is always kinda bugging me on my left foot. I would say I am fully recovered from any running related injuries/ pains. That is kinda nice.

I am hopeful that when I get back at it that I will stay injury free!

Not running, or planning running or looking for races etc., etc., etc. has left me some free time to do other things. Oh that and the not working thing. Got some free time up in here. I have been doing some studying for my personal training certification but one can only focus for so long and by that I mean like two hours a day max. So instead I have done some reading. I am finally diving into Game of Thrones- the written version. Even though I have seen every episode of the show somehow it is still horrifying when they all die again. Because they will. Your favorite characters WILL DIE. Even though I know what is coming.

And even when it is written down with a guide in the back I can still not keep all the freakin characters straight. Lord Whoooo.. Ser whattt.... how many important people are there in the land. This is why everyone is fighting. Too many chiefs not enough indians. And never enough dragons.

I have also tried my hand at crafting. Two successful projects in and I have a sneaking suspicion I may be the next Martha Stewart, well minus the jail time.
Turned an old beat up side table into a fun teal night stand and made some outdoor solar lights out of mason jars
Annnddddd DRUM ROLL please! Tomorrow I go the cardiologist to get an echo-cardiogram and stress test and hopefully get told that I am fine to run and my heart is just special.
Fingers crossed that for the 4th of July I can run!


  1. i've been doing a lot of crafting... you can never have enough teal items :)


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