The Most Traumatic Day

Had a Doctor appointment today and was told today there will be no running for at least four weeks.

The doctor said she couldn't stop me from running but if I kept doing what I was doing without addressing the problems I have going I would be at the start line of my marathons hating life and not enjoying them at all. At first I was like

But I couldn't hate her even though she was telling me such horrible news because the Doctor spent about two hours with me doing a full evaluation and developing a plan for me back to running and racing as soon as possible. In reality I have a whole lot of runner love for this Doctor.

So the plan of action is cross train baby. Ugh cross training is the worse. NOPE, no it is the best because at least I can do that. So today I got myself a month pass to the local gym with a pool and elliptical that also happens to have yoga classes. So I am gonna do a lot of that. I am also going to use my spin bike like it has never been used before.
Can you say hello sexy aqua jogging belt because this is what I am going to be sporting a few times a week. Try not to be jealous.

Goal 1) Not lose any cardio fitness the next four weeks so the only thing I need to do is ease back into hitting the roads.
Goal 2) Hello strength- I am gonna gain some. I can lift. I can do yoga. I can do the strength exercises for my hip and core the doctor showed me like a boss.

Doctor's Short Term Plan for getting me up and running:
1) Injections of some medicine whose name I can't remember (not cortisone) to reduce inflammation and help with pain straight into my Achilles tendon. Hurts like heck when getting it, feels like heaven after.
2) Ultrasounds and some sort of electrical stimulation thingy
3) Brutal calf massage to get rid of knots and loosen Achilles tendon back up (try not to cry while this is happening)
4) repeat every two weeks for as long as it takes
5) Rest my poor aching bones who have had a lot of stress on them lately

Doctor's Long Term Plan for getting me up and running:
1) Work on strengthening hips and core to help mechanics in general
2) Custom orthotics for shoes
3) Stay away from flat shoes, going barefoot, minimalist footwear etc.

So what is actually wrong with me. Well my left foot is flat, my right foot is not. My foot needs better support than over the counter orthotics are giving it. Too much pronation, repetitive stress, running in shoes that did not have adequate heel to toe drop all just added up to over stressed Achilles and stress on several bones in my foot and shin that are showing warning signs of being on the road to a stress fracture. So now we heal.... and we CROSS TRAIN.

But enough about me..... what about you? Have you joined the giveaway for the Chicago Half Marathon entry yet? Get at it!

Any Traumatic news for you lately?
The Slurpee machine was also broken at 7 eleven today and that nearly did me in. Such a cruel, cruel world.


  1. I think in Spirit of the Marathon, the Olympian had to take some time off and did water running and still won the Chicago Marathon!

    Keep up hope and keep active!

    1. You are correct and thanks for the reminder. I like to think I can be in somewhat better overall shape in a month than I am now. Positive thinking should help right :)

  2. I hope you heal quickly and get back on the road ASAP. Sounds like you have a good doc taking care of you:) The Slurpee thing would have done me in;)

    1. Yeah I almost teared up a little about the Slurpees. It was a sad moment in 7 eleven. Thanks for the kind words. I am sure I will be up and running in no time!

  3. Bummer!!! But thankfully you have an understanding doc who wants to get you back out there safely. Several people in my running club swear by aqua jogging so even though I've never tried it I know it can work.

    1. Good to hear about the aqua jogging. When I bought the belt today I had a moment of doubt but I think it will be just fine.

  4. Ugh!!! What a bummer. Very awesome that your doctor has you on a stellar plan though, and you have access to a place where you CAN cross train. How is the cross training going so far? :)

    1. First day went well- hour on the bike, 30 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of abs and leg exercises. Just gotta keep at it :)

  5. That is some tough news but your doctor sounds awesome. Maybe I need to find a doctor like that!! I have developed some strange bumps on my right shin bone. I'm wondering if I have the same foot situation you have.

  6. Sounds like a tough plan but if that's what it takes to take you back in good shape....go for it.


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