Drum Roll Please....We have a winner

Thanks everyone for commenting. I wish I had registrations for you all.  But there can only be one.

The winner of the Chicago Half Marathon Race Entry Giveaway is...................

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Went old school here
Dulce de leche (....but in the summer more inclined toward fruity flavors...)! I would absolutely love to win the free entry: I'm still new to running and would love to make this my first half-marathon....I'm also moving to Chicago at the beginning of September and would love to have this be the way I celebrate moving to Chicago! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
Gabrielle Congrats!
We are excited to welcome you to Chicago with a splendid half marathon. This will be a fun inaugural race for you! And Dulce de Leche is a great flavor- I approve

Gabrielle shoot me an email at justploddingalong@gmail.com so I have a way to contact you to get you registration info!


  1. Holy Smokes! You just totally made my day!!!
    Thanks so very much!

  2. Woo-hoo! Awesome! Congrats to Gabrielle! Have a fabulous race, and enjoy Chicago!

  3. Congrats to Gabrielle!!

    BTW, so glad you quickly cleared up the pregnancy question! LOL I'm a little disappointed you shot down my tri suggestion. Whatevs! I'm not bitter.. :-) I want to run Big Sur, too, but I'm gonna pass on Dopey! Maybe Dumbo! I'm a Disneyland girl!


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