Sweat Pink Ambassador and other fun stuff

1) You may have noticed a big ole Sweat Pink button to the right, that is because I am now a sweat pink ambassador. That means I get to be part of a super fun healthy community and meet other people interested in fitness and hopefully inspire some myself. I have already met some inspiring people and am excited to meet more! Plus their mission statement states "We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes" and you all know I love me some shoes. Speaking of shoes

2) These came in the mail yesterday
Mmmm gotta love that new shoe smell- I think pink laces will go well in these!
I know, I know you all are probably like but you just got some new running shoes. And I did I got some Saucony pro grids. And they suck

I want to be loyal. You and me Saucony, we have had a lot of really great miles. But whatever you have done to the newer version of your shoes, or perhaps my feet have just changed, it is just not working. It's not you it's me, or maybe it is you, but either way we are breaking up. So my $40 super shoe find will now be be used for cross training, dog walking and perhaps zumba but not running. You have been making my legs ache so you are banished to the back of the closet. Sit there and think about what you have done. Nike lets take our relationship to the next level. You, me and some long runs.

3) Yesterday I ran exactly one mile for #RWStreakExtreme. I ran it in 8:46 and I didn't puke or poop myself so I will call that a success. Last week I ran 1 mile in around 9:45 so in three to four more weeks I should be at Olympic caliber if the trend continues;). I have not ran that fast in awhile and I gotta say it was fun. I have no idea if I could keep that up over a 5k or even for 1.1 miles but it felt good to feel a little bit speedy. 

4) I attribute the speediness to this outfit
Try not to be distracted by my sexy knees
I wore compression socks to bed and was too lazy to take them off before my run so off we all went in one happy compressed state. CEP Pink socks for the win. Must have a pair in every color.

5) The 5K is on. Thanks to all the helpful and kind words about 5Ks from everyone. The general gist was stop being such a baby the worst that can happen is you jog through 3 miles of a pecan farm. So today I hand over my money for some 5K love. I am also going to participate in the Sweat Your Thorns of 5K virtual race August 4th. Everyone should check it out and Sweat Your Thorns off because with this heat wave you are already doing it.

6) #RWStreakExteme Day 10: 5.5 miles in an hour. Feeling pretty tired today. Might cut back the mileage this weekend and do some extra sleeping. 

Have a great weekend! 
May the races be fun and fast and the lazing about relaxing.


  1. You're doing awesome on our little #RWStreakExtreme challenge. :-) Congrats on becoming a Pink Ambassador - I think you'll do great in your role - you've already inspired me to keep running another 60 days!

  2. Congratulations on becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador! You inspire me every day with your running awesomeness.


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