Beaten with a stick

a zumba stick and muscle pump stick over and over and over again. It hurts so good.

Taking a fitness class outside of my comfort zone makes is pretty obvious that my overall fitness may be lacking. My arms hurt so bad yesterday after muscle pump I had a hard time driving the car. You want me to turn the wheel......I just don't have it in me.

My little t-rex arms hurt so bad the D had to make dinner and did a mighty fine job. Which is sad for him because now I will expect dinner perfection every night of the week from now on. Now get in the kitchen and cook for me (see what you get for being good at something around here).

Got some new running supplies superfeet and shoes. Maybe this will help with the hip issue which is slowly getting better (stretching, icing, varied workouts and funny enough doing drills where I shuffle sideways, run backwards and skipping seem to be helping). It would appear I need new inserts every three to four months. Which sucks because they run about $35. Somebody send me free green superfeet size super large clown feet size. A lifetime supply. Please and thank you.

Also think it is time to break these bad boys out to add to the rotation. I ordered them a while ago for like $40 from running warehouse website. Score.

I finally got around to realizing and picking up my age group award from the Mount Lemmon half. What? That is right. Just goes to show if you are in a small enough race placing is possible. I put it next to my third place finish from the Tucson half. Both times I was totally clueless about placing. Fun!


  1. Congrats on placing. That's amazing!

  2. which saucony's are those? never seen that color combo. Green superfeet- i like. I was running in the berry for 1.5 years and come to find out they weren't the 'ideal fit' and recently switched to orange... not sure how i feel about them yet

    1. They are progrid omni 10s. How are the orange one's different from berry? I used to wear the berry too.

  3. Two placing awards? You rock! Congratulations!

  4. I did one of those free trainer sessions at the gym today. Let's just say I felt ridiculous the whole time, and now I can hardly walk. But I still kind of love it. Great score on those shoes! And cool awards. The best thing I ever got for placing is a crappy water bottle. :)


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