Feed the Beast

Does this happen to anyone else? After running really hard, especially after a race, the force field against eating junk is greatly weakened.
And commercials you can usually tune out

seem like the best idea in the world. 

Sunday night after Mount Lemmon I just wanted to stuff my face so bad. And D said get over it and made me a salad with grilled chicken. Uh what a buzz kill.  What a wise man. Because by the next day I was back on track eating healthy.

In other news I just signed up for two half marathons in one weekend. More to come on that.


  1. so i was just dealing with this today. I live in Nashville and yes it gets hot here, but the humidity makes it feel 10-15 degrees even hotter. The last few days I've had to wait till 7pm to run (and even then its still miserable)--- today I didn't really have anything to eat after work (i get off at 4) and I left for my run slightly hungry around 730. When I got home I ate an ENTIRE box of granola (in my defense it was one of those mid size boxes)
    anywho the serving sizes are ridiculously small- apparently I had 8 servings at over 200 cal a pop. add in my milk and i've got my days worth of calories at 8pm at night... no big deal :)

    1. Granola is the devil. It taste so good and yet a serving size is always like a teaspoon. Not even fair. I complain about the AZ heat but at least we don't have humidity. I and my hair are grateful for that.

  2. I just want to everything in general! After my 10 miler on Sunday, I was practically ravenous!! :)

  3. YES! This is probably why I gained weight while training for and running two half marathons ... I'm working on it.

    1. I do this too. I really have to watch it because I will just eat everything in the house if I don't. I think gaining wait while training is pretty common. I see a lot of articles about it. We are not alone:)


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