Practicing for my spread in Vogue

 Pictures from Lost Dutchman Half:
Me and this guy look like we are going to die. And that form......ugh am I running or power walking.

Coming through the wall (this was really for the marathoners but we got to run through too). I look like I am about to get run over by the guy in yellow behind me. Check out those mountains. So pretty!

Hardest effort to date. (2 hour finish you will be mine.....if I do speed work and learn to be less of a baby.)

Me and A and our awesome medals. You know someone is a true friend if they will stand this close to you after you have run hard for 13.1 miles.

Pictures from Arizona Half
This thumbs up is a total lie. Nice race, bad attitude.

Probably never been so happy to be done with a race in my life.
Once again these are the 'good' photos. I have decided running is not a very pretty sport. But looking at these makes me excited for my next half! A week and a half off of running and I kind of miss it. I mean cross training is super fun and all but I am ready to get back on the road.


  1. I always get that thing when my running pictures look like walking pictures, too. Lost Dutchman was the first time in a while that I got pictures where you can tell I was actually running... Though part of that was b/c every time I saw a photographer I thought "stand up straight, pick up your legs!"

  2. Wow! You run some extremely scenic races! I love the wall photo.


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