Cookies & Wine- Yes Please

So last night I got to go with my friend A to an adult function. Which meant putting on adult clothes.

Tada (and by the way my dress pants are too big- which is kind of exciting because = skinnier but also annoying because= shopping for new pants which is only fun under certain circumstances like at the outlet mall with your mom & sister whom you can torture with your amazing modeling skills and artful poses. 
We got dressed up to head to the Cookies and Cabernet function put on by the girl scouts.

Basically it consisted of walking around looking at art while stuffing your face with desserts made from girl scout cookies and drinking wine (pants may not be too loose for long :)).

 Ummm yes please. It was a lot of fun and for a good cause. So win. Unfortunately since I did not have an extra $5000 laying around no art was purchased but it was fun to look at.

Fitness Streak: Day 7- going strong
Wed: lifted weights upper body/ 40 min walk with Max
Thur: 6 mile run in 1:01
Fri: 40 min walk with Max/ sit-ups and push-ups 15x4 sets
Sat: 3 mile run in 29:33
Tomorrow: 9 to 10 mile run whoop


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