Total Wine took my paycheck

Yesterday after work/school D & I headed to the mall. I saw that running clothes were on sale at JCPenny and decided I needed to obtain some. I got a pair of running shorts, running capris and a cute top all on sale. Since only one pair of my running pants fit anymore it was time to invest in some smaller sizes. All pieces were under twenty $. Score. I haven't run in shorts in awhile (too much riding up, chub rub going on) but now that my legs are somewhat leaner hopefully these will work. The pants have a red stripe down the side which D said will make me look faster (it may take more than a red stripe for that to happen). I really wanted all black but since I never match anyways and couldn't find all black, red racing stripe it is. The top is more for wearing while cross training unless layered with a sports bra. That built in bra ain't doin nothin and I would hate to harm anyone.
I am a sucker for a sale
Holidays just taste better...and they were on sale
After checking out REI where I forced D to purchase me holiday flavored Clif bars (I don't generally like Clif bars since they are a million calories and can taste not great, but wrap it up in a holiday flavor and I want to try it) we headed to the Cheesecake factory for dinner.
Can you smell the calories?
I had the skinnylicious chicken tacos and D had the avocado eggrolls. The tacos were pretty good for being so low in calories (glitter shoes you will be mine) and no cheesecake was consumed (shedding a tiny tear). But then we made the mistake of going to Total Wine. Next thing I know this is on my counter:
I generally don't buy wine that is over $9 since I am really picky and if I don't like it I won't drink it but yesterday I interpreted that as any wine under $9 should go in my cart. That was my first mistake, you should not push a shopping cart around a liquor store. It is just too tempting to fill it. Oh well with the holidays coming I am sure we can put this to good use. After all that shopping I was pretty tuckered out. Spending money is just exhausting.

This morning I woke up a big, whiny baby and did not want to go for a run. Even with my awesome faster pants waiting I had every excuse in the book (I'm tired, my legs are sore from yesterday, it is chilly out, and wet and the storm kept me up, blah blah blah). So I made a deal with myself (sometimes you just have to get stern) I can do my long run tomorrow morning but today no farting around. I have to get lots of homework, grading and grocery shopping done so tomorrow I can run and then go watch the Day of the Dead parade downtown. So far so good. I rectified this situation this morning (and decided all grocery shopping should be done before 9a.m.- empty stores= happy me)
Beer and broccoli for breakfast just doesn't cut it
and am off to tackle the dreaded economics homework.


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