Tacoma Time

After spending the night in Port Angeles we drove the few hours to Tacoma to meet D's best friend for lunch. He was an awesome tour guide of beer based Tacoma touring.

If you like craft beer Washington is the state for you. If you like craft beer and specialty hot dogs then The Red Hot is where it is at. 

The week we were in Tacoma we sampled lots of local brews and hit up some of the waterfront restaurants. 

We went up to Seattle for the day to meet some friends for dinner but arrived at lunch time specifically to go to Piroshky, Piroshky. Russian pastries at their finest. 

We wandered through the market sampling fruit, looking at art and taking in the sights. After we had seen all there was to see we wandered through downtown Seattle towards the Space Needle. Since it was super crowded and a pretty penny we were content to stare up.

After wandering the streets for a few hours we headed back towards the market and randomly found the gum wall. Ewwww and kind of cool.

We then met some friends for dinner and documented the momentous occasion of meeting up again after like five years with exactly zero pictures. Smooth. 

July 15th was the actual day of D's medical retirement from the Army so we headed to Fort Lewis to get our official retirement ID cards. Retired Life! Afterwards we headed to Boathouse 19 to celebrate in style. Style being a U.S. Army Retired hat. 

We really like the pacific northwest. Part of this trip was looking into places we might want to reside someday. Bend and Portland Oregon, and the Tacoma and Seattle areas are high on the list. We got super lucky and had great weather all week, Lots and lots of sunshine! The week in Tacoma was meant for us to rest up before doing the Wonderland Trail. Besides all the walking around Seattle and kayaking in Gig Harbor for our 10th anniversary (kayaking is the best, I would do it all the time if I lived next to water and then my arms wouldn't be useless T-rex arms, WIN) we did do a lot of hanging around and 'carb loading'. Unfortunately all the resting up wouldn't save us on the Wonderland Trail.... 


  1. I haven't been back to Tacoma since I've been old enough to drink. Clearly there is a lot I missed!


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