Zion: Up Kolob Canyon

What you don't want to hear when you are asleep deep in a canyon in a tent you were too lazy to attach the rain fly to is thunder. Which is what I heard around 2 a.m. At first we tried to ignore it.....maybe it will go away......but then the smell of rain came on strong so there D and I were, one headlamp between the two of us, ( we are always prepared....) in our underwear (it was warm) wrestling the rain fly onto the tent wind blowing, rain coming down around us.

Once we were back inside I began to wonder how hard it was raining around us. Flash floods do happen in the canyon and we were up the canyon as far as one could be. Luckily it was never more than a drizzle. Just enough to get everything gritty and dirty. But is also gave us cool temps and overcast skies for our hike out of the canyon.

After breakfast we packed up and strapped all our gear on for our hike back out. It seemed to go quicker on the way out until we hit the steep uphill. Then it was sllloooowwww going. Hike for a few minutes, find a spot of shade and stand there panting for a few minutes. We almost made it back to the car when a ranger walked by asking to see our permit. Luckily we were legal. I have never been so happy to see our truck. Felt pretty good to complete my first backpacking trip and a not so easy one for my first try.

After dumping our stuff in the truck we hit up St. George for food. Backpacking gives you day after marathon hunger plus some. After stuffing ourselves at the Black Bear Diner we drove to Barstow California for the night and enjoyed air conditioning and running water and rested up for Sequoia.

I was a bit uncertain how I would like backpacking. It is physically tough but also a lot of fun. You get into this kind of zone out there. I am excited to do more of it!


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