Bryce Canyon Hoodoo fun

I wish I could post the picture of the cow that stood in the middle of the road staring at us while we were trying to get to Bryce Canyon. Unfortunately blogging from a phone means no go on that since I took a picture with one of those old fangled cameras not attached to a phone. You will just have to take my word for it.

Bovine obstacles aside, our drive to Bryce Canyon was easy and the closer we got the cooler the temps! Luckily there was room at the campgrounds. We stayed at the Sunset campground. The first night we had an okay spot for camping but after making friends with the camp host we were alerted early the next morning to a prime spot and nabbed it for our second night. Thanks Martha!

The first afternoon we got there we just hung at our site, didn't even go see the canyon. We were just happy to be in pine trees and cooler weather. The next morning we set off to hike the Navajo trail, a short but oh so steep trail that runs down among the hoodoos. Amazing. A must do if you visit. Your ass will hurt on the way up but the amazing views allow for lots of breaks, hands on hips, taking in the wonders of nature. After we staggered back out of the canyon we grabbed the shuttle (runs all the time around the park and is free) to Inspiration Point, got on the Rim Trail and hiked about 7 miles back towards the visitors center along the trail taking in the views. And then grabbed the shuttle back to our campground.

We were hot and sweaty and decided to run into Bryce Canyon City for a cold beverage and some fresh produce. Not really a city but a tourist trap designed to take all your money. An apple was $1.10 at the general store. A single apple folks. So we bought an onion to have with dinner which was priced normally and fountain drinks and were out of there.

I wanted to stay awake long enough to see the stars but staying awake past 9p.m. while camping seems to be a real challenge for me. Minute it gets dark I am ready to pass out. I have become one with nature.

The next day we packed up our campsite and parked near the Fairyland Trail trailhead and hiked the morning away. A beautiful and challenging hike that is not very crowded and takes you down in the canyon and gives you lots of amazing views.

This trail is about 9 miles round trip, bring water cause it gets toasty with little shade. After grabbing some Root Beer (my new post hiking icy beverage of choice for some reason) we hit the road for Zion.


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