Black Canyon Fun

A lack of fast or any internet at all and having too much fun has left me with a bit to catch up on blog wise. So blogging from my phone, what could go wrong....probably just the usual spelling, grammer and formating issues as usual.

Beginning of this month the hubs and I hit the open road heading west to the Black Canyon of Gunnison for the first stop on our National Parks tour. We stayed at the North Rim which has a smaller camping area and several trails. We did a short Chasm View hike the first evening we were there and the next morning instead of heading down into the canyon we hiked up the Green Mountain Trail (8 miles round trip) for some awesome scenic views (a common thing in National Parks I am finding).

This was the first hike we used our hiking poles on and they are amazing. I never want to hike without poles again. They are way helpful for balancing and using arm strength (if you have any, bit of a t-rex going on over here) for getting up amd down steep inclines.

We finished our hike by mid morning so hit the road headed for Moab with a quick refuel stop in Grand Junction.

First national park was a success. Loving the quiet of being in nature and the challenge of hiking.


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