Trail miles and tents

Finally got back to more regular running after being kind of eh about it for a few weeks. And I felt it. Some shin soreness happened but it seems to be going away.
Monday I ran 6 miles and lifted weights. Tuesday and Wednesday I threw in some 400 repeats into my 3.5 miles on Tuesday and 5 miles on Wednesday. Well that almost killed me. I haven't pushed it in awhile. Thursday and Friday I took off. Saturday I went for an easy 4.5 miles in the desert by my house and ran by my favorite water storage tank.

Why there is a fish, I don't know but I like it. Sunday I did 10 miles with some of my favorite runners. 

It was a good morning. Bit windy and I could for sure tell that I have been running between 3 and 6 miles and nothing longer. After mile 8 my hamstrings were like "what the hell are you doing!?! Are you trying to kill us!?!?!" But I made it. I am really gonna miss running with these people. That is one area where I feel very lucky in life. I have lived all over the United States and everywhere I have lived (Colorado, California, Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, Georgia and Texas) I have had the opportunity to hang with and become friends with some amazing people. 

Two of the cutest runners you will ever meet made me going away cards. So freakin cute, I love them. I had the pleasure of coaching them in Couch to 5K and the oldest sister now wants to run a marathon which I think is way cool. And I am sure she will do it and rock it. Their mom is a bad ass runner so it runs in the family. 

And this happened. Husband is out of the Army. Official retirement date is in July but he is on leave from now until.....forever I guess. So that means we have been getting all our camping/ backpacking gear ready! National Parks Tour will kick off in June! Super excited to go on an adventure together. 

It is totally normal to spend Saturday night practicing setting up your tent and cataloging all your gear right....? Sometimes the nerdiness is overwhelming, I know. 


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