National Park Tour Part 4: Montana & Wyoming

So this portion of the trip will mostly involve me being paranoid of a Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant type bear encounter. Part one, two and three of our trip is not so much in bear country. Once we enter Montana I get the impression that I will no longer be at the top of the food chain.


After a quick stop in Idaho for an overnight stay since it is such a long drive from the Cascades (about 12 hours), we will hit up Glacier National Park. I have a few day backcountry loop planned but with my level of bear paranoia there may be some day hikes instead.


Along with the traditional Old Faithful, mudflats, and other thermal delights to be found at this park we hope to do the Sky Rim Loop, a 21 mile backcountry mountain loop...clapping and singing the whole way because NO BEARS. No thank you. 

Grand Teton

We hope to see big sky and big mountains at this park with an 18 mile backpacking loop with alpine lakes and mountain views. 

After Wyoming we will head back to Colorado and depending on how we are liking nature at this point might spend some time in Rocky Mountain National Park. Hopefully by this time we will be old pros at water filtering, mountain hiking, and making new and exciting outfits out of having five articles of clothing.

*We were going to swing out and hit the Badlands of South Dakota after Wyoming, but instead we will hit them up in October on our way to visit some friends this fall.


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