Gear up

In preparation for our eventual thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail next year and our upcoming National Parks tour bonanza we have been making our bank account disappear.

Here REI, just take it all
Apparently surviving in nature requires some gear. And while the husband had some of the gear and we both have packs, there has been quite a few things added to our stockpile of camping toys. One of the things that makes me most nervous about nature is the lack of conveniently located and filtered beverages. We have one water filter but I decided I needed another one because dying of giardia seems like something that could happen to me. 

I went with the Gravityworks filter because instead of me pumping water through the filter I can just stand there and let gravity do all the work. So hello, I may be the laziest backpacker ever. I also got us 3L bladders and we each have Nathan bottles, both which can hook up directly to the water filter I bought. I love it when things like that come together. And all that water only adds about ten pounds of weight to the pack.....but worth not dying of dehydration I guess. 

I also had to buy a new sleeping bag and went with the best deal to review ratio on Sierra Trading Post that seemed the warmest. The Ignite Down bag is good past freezing and is bright red. Win on both features. Also got a sleeping bag liner for when it is warmer and you don't need all that down but also you can take it out of the bag and wash it a lot easier than you can a sleeping bag. Super handy considering showers don't happen on the trail. Inflating sleeping pad makes it seem like you aren't sleeping on the ground. No just kidding you still feel the ground but it is a bit more comfortable and keeps you warmer. Got a good deal on the Static V on amazon. 

I am assuming that blisters will be a thing but hoping my new supply of Darn Tough socks will keep them to a minimum. These socks are ridiculous at $20, but every once in awhile they will be on sale on REI so keep an eye out if you are interested in trying them. They better be amazing as everyone claims. They do have a lifetime warranty so I will have these socks until I die. Also got some Dirty Girl Gators in jellybean pattern because why wouldn't you go with the cutest print possible (I am gonna look ridiculous out there and I love it). 

I have a knife with a fire starter and a compass I don't know how to use. I will be relearning map reading and orienteering skills. I also have a poop shovel for pooping in the woods. So outdoorsy. 

Waterproof bags to protect the important stuff from getting wet. Nothing puts you in danger faster than being wet and then cold. 

Wool clothes. I got some wool base layers, a t-shirt and a hiking skirt. Apparently hiking skirts and dresses are popular with ladies since they make it easier to pee. Seems fair so I am going to give it a try this summer. 

While most of this stuff we bought at REI, Sierra Trading Post or off Amazon a word of advice to anyone looking to stock up on camping, backpacking gear is check Walmart/Target first. REI has a mosquito net for $20, Walmart has the same thing for $2. Walmart also had a $5 rain cover for packs, REI had them for $40. Some stuff you want the high quality and guarantee of a known brand. Basically anything that will keep you alive such as a sleeping bag, you want to be sure is quality. Other things such as a poop shovel, well the cheaper the better. And basically all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Pots, stove, spork, shoes, maps, hat, sunglasses.......etc....etc....etc.....


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