All the hills

We started last week with a bang with the hubs getting a lumbar puncture, aka spinal tap, early, early on Monday.

Since we had to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. there was no running to be had. And then I decided it was my wifely duty to hang on the couch with him afterwards during recovery (still waiting on results). 

Tuesday I ran around my neighborhood for 5.5 miles and almost died of heat stroke. I got home and saw that it was only 65 degrees out so I don't know what happened there. 

Wednesday I did a short 3 miler before D and I went to a meeting about moving. The military will move you one final move when you retire but you have to suffer through an hour long brief to make it happen. We still don't have a date yet but we have the contact info of the company that is moving us so now we just be annoying until we get what we want. 

After that we headed to Carlos & Mickey's to celebrate D's birthday. As we are both now senior citizens or at least do our best to act like them (I am a cradle robber/ cougar by about 9 months but this always means I am the 'old' one first) we went to dinner at 4 p.m. But hey D is retired now so this is what you do when you are retired right?  The early hour gave D plenty of time for his Texas sized margaritas, yep he broke the restaurant rules (they let him) and got two. Weirdly he didn't finish the second one......

Thursday I did 6.5 miles of hills. And then refueled with tacos and margaritas because Cinco de Mayo. I don't need a reason to drink margaritas....but if one presents itself you basically have to.  

Friday I ran 6 miles on the dirt road near my house. Also watched A Walk in the Woods which was cute, of course the book is better, but the movie did put hiking the Appalachian Trail on the bucket list. 

Saturday I met three lovely ladies for a 5 miler up McKelligan. Holy heck that canyon never gets easier. It is 2.5 miles up and that up gets me every time. 
The nice thing about having fast friends is they make you faster. I ran the canyon six minutes faster than I normally do. 

Sunday I met some peeps to run up Scenic Drive.

 8 miles of more hills (there was a big hill theme this week in running, no wonder my legs hate me right now). 
Michelle and I at the flag pole on top of Scenic. 
The only thing that kept me going on this run was my friend Michelle running with me and the promise of breakfast after. 

Total mileage for the week: 34 miles running + 6 miles of walking Max the wonder dog.
This was one of the best weeks of running I have had in awhile. I am back to feeling like I want to run. That is a good feeling. 


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