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This is the first time in a long time that I have no big races looming over my head. Nothing of any sort of significant distance until the fall. Yippee. And even then the longest distance I have in mind is 13.1 miles. The fall line-up includes:

Quick note about this race: I deferred last year due to my foot injury. The race director deferred my entry to this year. Super nice guy. I would recommend giving this race a try just based on my interaction with the race director. 

Since the marathon I have been taking it easy. I took one whole week off from running, though I still kept up walking at least a mile every day. Usually longer. Last week I finally started back running but nothing over 4.5 miles. It was nice to do a marathon and not have any significant aches and pains to come back from. I feel pretty much 100%. Only thing that is still a bit wonky is my knee but a friend who is a PA and knows about these things gave me some exercises to do to help with that so now it is up to me to execute.

I think the focus of this summer will be speed. I have done a few HIIT workouts on the treadmill and really enjoyed them. Big bang for the buck in terms of making me real sad real fast due to difficulty level. I have also started back to strength training with my main focus on core and upper body with a hope that it will help the speed along. It is already getting warm here, in the 80's during the day, so long runs become a thing of the past in the heat.

In other running news this weekend I got to be on a team with my running peeps headed by my friend Michelle for the Race for the Cure.

My peeps
I very much enjoyed hanging out with everyone but super do not enjoy the Susan G. Komen events. They are always such a cluster of disorganization. Parking was a mess, volunteers just standing around not directing traffic, vehicle or runner. The race started 20 minutes late. That is a super pet peeve of mine.  Plus this organization, in my opinion, has some pretty shady practices (minimal funds go to cancer research, many funds go to CEO salary, ( is a great way to see how funds are used by charities) and if I hadn't been there with friends I would not have been there at all. But overall it was a beautiful day and hanging with these people is always fun.

Plus it is always nice to be done running in 30 minutes or less and get on to brunch!


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