Training Week: January 25th- 31st

Monday: 9 early miles. Was aiming for more but then my knee gave out. Can not figure out this weird knee pain. Some days it acts up other days it is fine. It's a mystery.

Running in the early morning is fun...except for the whole early morning thing.

Tuesday: Weights. Three rounds of kettle bell exercises, BOSU exercises, medicine ball exercises and band exercises. 1 mile. Opt out of my evening run since me knee was still squishy feeling.

Wednesday: 5.75 miles around the neighborhood with my knee brace and it feels okay.

Thursday:  2 miles and half hour of yoga

Friday: 6.25 miles on trails.

Saturday: Roundtop trail race. 8 miles running, 8 miles run walking for a total of 16 miles

Sunday: 2 miles with Max while my training group went for a run downtown. I had originally thought I would get some miles in but I was pretty sore from Saturday.

Total miles last week: 42
Total miles for the month of January: 160
Total miles for the year: 160.
Two weeks until the Lost Dutchman Marathon. Just trying to keep it all together at this point.


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