Lost Dutchman Marathon Goals

Well I have trained fairly well for this.....as in I actually got in a 20 mile long run and besides my knee still being a bit wonky, am not injured. I am super grateful I had my amazing training group I was coaching at the same time to train with. They made it so much more fun than training on my own. If you can find a group of crazy people who you can convince to run for multiple hours at a time with you I highly recommend it. I love my tribe of crazy weirdo runners. They are the absolute best.

Unfortunately for me the weather for the marathon is predicted to be a bit warm. Low of 55, high of 86.

I would prefer the high to be 55 because I do better in cooler weather. But seeing as I have yet discovered how to control the weather I guess I will just have to roll with it. Keep it easy and drink lots of electrolytes. I am a completer not a competitor so shouldn't be too hard.

I always find it hard to set goals for the marathon. Well beyond the goal of not dying. No matter how many I do I am never confident in my ability because 26.2 is just such a long freakin way and I am not overly good at this distance mentally. A bad mile or a couple of bad miles can mess with my head. Which is silly if you think about it because when you have 26.2 miles to go there is bound to be a few tough miles thrown in there somewhere. I feel in better shape than I was when I did Twin Cities and Marine Corp so that is good (Philadelphia obviously didn't happen and I feel much better than when I went to do that one). Hopefully that means I can stay stronger longer.

Okay Goals:
1) ....NOT DIE, okay dramatic...Goal 1) finish.
2) Finish under 5 hours
3) Finish around 4:30 (if by chance the weather is cooler)
4) Execute my fueling strategy (ie. not zone out and forget, decide mid-race I hate everything I brought, etc.)
5) Have fun. This is a bit of a redemption marathon for me. I did not enjoy Marine Corp as much as I thought I would and Philly didn't go my way. So I would really, out of all the goals, like to enjoy this race. It is a pretty course, I am there with some awesome and supportive friends, this is what I like to do (I forget that sometimes....mostly around mile 18) and I should enjoy it.

Off to AZ today with some awesome runner ladies. Ready for some Galentine fun! Happy Valentine's Day weekend to everyone!


  1. Good luck!! Wishing you all the goal-meeting vibes!! :D


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