Lost Dutchman Marathon Goals

Well I have trained fairly well for this.....as in I actually got in a 20 mile long run and besides my knee still being a bit wonky, am not injured. I am super grateful I had my amazing training group I was coaching at the same time to train with. They made it so much more fun than training on my own. If you can find a group of crazy people who you can convince to run for multiple hours at a time with you I highly recommend it. I love my tribe of crazy weirdo runners. They are the absolute best.

Unfortunately for me the weather for the marathon is predicted to be a bit warm. Low of 55, high of 86.

I would prefer the high to be 55 because I do better in cooler weather. But seeing as I have yet discovered how to control the weather I guess I will just have to roll with it. Keep it easy and drink lots of electrolytes. I am a completer not a competitor so shouldn't be too hard.

I always find it hard to set goals for the marathon. Well beyond the goal of not dying. No matter how many I do I am never confident in my ability because 26.2 is just such a long freakin way and I am not overly good at this distance mentally. A bad mile or a couple of bad miles can mess with my head. Which is silly if you think about it because when you have 26.2 miles to go there is bound to be a few tough miles thrown in there somewhere. I feel in better shape than I was when I did Twin Cities and Marine Corp so that is good (Philadelphia obviously didn't happen and I feel much better than when I went to do that one). Hopefully that means I can stay stronger longer.

Okay Goals:
1) ....NOT DIE, okay dramatic...Goal 1) finish.
2) Finish under 5 hours
3) Finish around 4:30 (if by chance the weather is cooler)
4) Execute my fueling strategy (ie. not zone out and forget, decide mid-race I hate everything I brought, etc.)
5) Have fun. This is a bit of a redemption marathon for me. I did not enjoy Marine Corp as much as I thought I would and Philly didn't go my way. So I would really, out of all the goals, like to enjoy this race. It is a pretty course, I am there with some awesome and supportive friends, this is what I like to do (I forget that sometimes....mostly around mile 18) and I should enjoy it.

Off to AZ today with some awesome runner ladies. Ready for some Galentine fun! Happy Valentine's Day weekend to everyone!


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